NetworkHow to Create A Bulletproof Network?

How to Create A Bulletproof Network?

If you are concerned about your network security, you might want to know how to create a bulletproof network.

Nowadays, hackers pose a serious threat to nearly all networks and devices. Due to this, every business must have a secure network. But how do you secure it?

There are various ways to make your network bulletproof, making it nearly impossible for hackers to access.

It is possible to make a secure network by selecting a reliable wireless router and updating your router continuously. You should also use a trustworthy VPN to protect your router.

Also, ensure that your Wi-Fi and router configurations are correct.

How to Create a Bulletproof Network?

Keeping your network secure is as simple as following the given steps.

1. Correctly Configure Your Router & Wi-Fi Settings

When router and Wi-Fi settings are set up correctly, hackers have a hard time hacking the device. After connecting the new router to the internet, you will have to choose a name for the network. 

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Next, enable the highest level of encryption your device supports, turn off SSID broadcasting, and specify which devices can connect only by MAC filtering

You can get an extra layer of security by using a secure DNS server on your new router to avoid communicating with malicious websites.  

Another essential feature that you must configure in your router is a firewall. A firewall will not only protect your network from attacks but will also help to prevent identity theft. 

Aside from this, be sure to keep the settings up-to-date. Regularly, hackers will devise new and more effective methods of attacking your network. 

Unless your router manufacturer takes action and keeps the device up to date, you will be at risk of severe security issues. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to work to resolve bugs and release updates regularly. 

Keep an eye on the company’s website regularly to ensure your router has the latest update. The more frequently you update everything, the safer you’ll be.

2. Use A Trustworthy VPN

As a next step, you need to pick a credible VPN service that offers a router installation feature. You should follow the instructions provided by your VPN provider to set up the VPN on your router. 

When choosing a VPN provider, it’s important that you find one that is specifically for the purpose you need. For example, if you need a VPN to play PokerStars, search for one that supports it. If you need one for a router, find a VPN for routers, etc.

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After that, configure your router’s firewall so that no other addresses have access to the internet except that of your VPN server.

As a result, an attacker will have much more difficulty gaining direct access to your internet, resulting in a bulletproof network. 


The critical thing to remember is that perfect security does not exist. However, using the methods described here, you can create a network that comes close to being a bulletproof network. 

Practically, it makes it hard for anyone to access your network so they won’t waste their time. Even if someone manages to get to a device anyway, a bulletproof network will limit the damage they can do.

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