Summer is here in many latitudes and with summer comes hot weather that can potentially add significantly to your cooling costs. Hence, a recent article in PROCESSOR Magazine (“How To Save On Cooling In The Summer Months”) by Elizabeth Millard is well worth reading. In the article, Millard makes the following key points:

  • “Look at upgrading processing and storage capability for greater efficiency.”
  • “Establish a strong preventive maintenance strategy before the summer months hit.”
  • “Keep accurate records to understand utilization and cost changes over different years.”

Specifically though, Millard quoted John Busch, the chairman and CTO of Schooner Information Technology, as saying that data center managers must look past incremental improvements. Busch was quoted as saying that “most of the power and cooling that is consumed is wasted due to inefficient use of processing and storage and communications equipment.” This waste was due in part to having dated application and infrastructure software that does not effectively take advantages of radical improvements in processor memory technologies.

In other words, investing in the latest technologies now can pay significant dividends in the form of much lower cooling costs when the summer heat is finally here.

Another way to cut data center cooling costs is to switch off equipment that is not being used but which generates heat. You can use the Racktivity Rack Controller to manage devices in each rack in your data center to remotely power down devices that are not in use.