Social MediaHow To Delete A YouTube Channel?

How To Delete A YouTube Channel?

If you have a YouTube channel in your name, it might be helpful to know how to delete a YouTube channel. YouTube is a reputed video-sharing portal using the internet. It has its head office in America.

You may also use YouTube as a social media platform where people can subscribe to view your videos. People from major countries use YouTube daily, including those from the UK, Australia, China, and the US.

Deleting your YouTube channel may seem like rocket science to you. But surprisingly, it is straightforward to do so. In a few simple steps, your YouTube channel gets deleted in around 10 minutes. First, go to Account Settings in your profile and select Overview, after which you must choose “Advanced Settings” and Delete Channel. Finally, choose “Permanent Delete My Channel,” and done.

What Is A YouTube Channel?

Any person joining YouTube as a member will get a YouTube channel. It serves as the home page for your account, and the same user can have multiple YouTube channels. A user’s home page or his YouTube channel will show his description, account name, any video uploaded by the user or public videos, and other relevant details.

How Can Deleting Your YouTube Channel Help You?

Many people devote plenty of time directing YouTube videos for their channels. Most YouTubers are also students who waste their time making videos instead of studying. Deleting your YouTube channel will help you utilize those lost moments to do something useful. If you lead a student life, you can utilize those times to study.

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How To Delete A YouTube Channel?

Every YouTube member needs to know how to delete a YouTube channel just in case a situation calls for it in the future. The procedure is manageable and does not take much time. Here are the steps to help you with deleting your YouTube channel.

  • Log in to your YouTube profile and go to your account icon.
  • Go to YouTube Settings and choose Account Settings.
  • Select Overview and choose Advanced under your channel name.
  • Click on Delete Channel, located at the bottom. Some users may find Delete Content instead.
  • If prompted, type in your sign-in details.
  • Select the option Permanently Delete My Content.
  • Tick the boxes to confirm your action.
  • Finally, choose Delete My Channel. Sometimes, you may notice Delete My Content instead.

However, deleting a YouTube channel will not affect your overall watch time. This is crucial if you have more than one channel and want to monetize your channels later. But watch time doesn’t need to be a concern if you’re open to buying watch time through a trustworthy supplier.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your YouTube viewership and boost your subscriber count, there’s an easier way. You may not be aware, but there are services that allow you to purchase subscribers and views legitimately. Their services are cost-effective and offer an easy way to reach a broader audience in a short space of time.


YouTube is a trendy video-sharing platform where you will find various videos of different durations. In addition, you can also watch some popular movies on it. However, if you want to delete your YouTube channel, the steps for the process are straightforward. It is not rocket science and will hardly take around 10 minutes of your time. After reading this article, you should know how to delete a YouTube channel.

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