Social MediaHow To Delete A YouTube Playlist 

How To Delete A YouTube Playlist 

Perhaps you’re doing some restructuring on your YouTube account and want to know how to delete a YouTube playlist. While it may seem like a drastic move, there are no consequences for doing so in the UK or wherever. So, what do you need to know about YouTube playlists, and how do you delete them without problems?

To delete your YouTube playlist, begin by signing into your YouTube account and locating the Libraries tab on your screen. Next, click on the “Libraries” tab to see the Playlist section, where you will find your unwanted playlist. Next, tap on the three dots at the edge of the playlist. You’ll then see all the options, including the delete option. Finally, click on “Delete” to clear the playlist.

Thanks to YouTube’s flexibility, you can now get rid of a few worn-out videos with a few clicks. Continue with this exciting post for more information on how to delete a YouTube playlist.

How To Create A YouTube Playlist

Before jumping into how to delete a YouTube playlist, why not look at how to create one?

Put simply, a playlist is a set of videos. Playlists may be created and shared by anybody, and they can even be updated by adding videos from your friends. The Library section is where you’ll find all your saved playlists and where you can control them.

You may launch a playlist in two ways: selecting a video to play or going to the Library menu. For the former, browse through your collection of videos to find the one you’re looking for. Then, tap the Save button under the video to add it to your Watch Later playlist. 

There will be a confirmation notice at the screen’s bottom indicating the playlist to which the video has been added. However, to change the location where the video is stored, tap Change on the resulting pop-up. After deciding where to save the video, choose the desired playlist from the drop-down menu and hit Done. 

The process outlined above is better than going through the library, as it’s easier and faster. You should follow a similar approach even if you’re using the YouTube site.

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How To Delete A YouTube Playlist

Now that you know how to create one, it’s time to understand how to delete a YouTube playlist. Below are the steps to take:

1. Locate The Libraries Tab On The YouTube Screen

On the YouTube homepage, locate the Libraries tab and click on it. This action will open up other sections.

2. Locate The Unwanted Playlist

On this page, you’ll find a section termed “Playlists.” Here, you’ll find your entire playlist and also see the one you wish to delete.

3. Open Options On The Playlist

Tap the “More” option on the desired playlist. You’ll find a set of three arranged dots at the icon’s edge, which stands for the “More” command.

4. Delete The Playlist

Tap “Delete Playlist” among your options and tap on “DELETE” again when prompted. The playlist will be wiped off. 

Knowing how to delete a playlist is helpful when you want to organise your YouTube channel. Organizing and ensuring your channel is in tip-top shape is essential before growing your channel. One way to do this is by buying subscribers and views. 

YouTube is a powerful platform with plenty of potential to reach new audiences and grow your business. But building a subscriber base organically can be challenging, which is why you should consider buying YouTube subscribers instead. Doing this could give you the advantage you need to start monetizing your channel sooner.


A playlist’s URL and title will be removed from YouTube Analytics after it has been deleted. But deleting a playlist does not remove the data connected with it, such as Watch Time. That said, now you should have a clear idea of how to delete a YouTube playlist.

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