Social MediaHow To Delete A YouTube Video 

How To Delete A YouTube Video 

Do you hate a video you uploaded earlier and want to know how to delete a YouTube video? You can rest assured that it’s possible to do so even if you’re in the UK. Irrespective of your location, it takes only a few simple steps to know how to delete a YouTube video.

To delete a YouTube video, begin by signing into your YouTube account to open up your channel. Next, click on the “contents” section to find all your uploaded videos. When you touch the video you want to delete, it will bring out more options, including the “delete” option. Tap “delete” and confirm you want the footage deleted to remove its entire data.

Sometimes, it’s about time you took down some of those videos affecting your channel’s performance. Read on to see how to delete a YouTube video.

What You Should Know About Deleting A YouTube Video

Removing videos from YouTube differs from removing one from a webpage or other platforms. You should know that video deletion wipes the information from the server, nullifying any associated SEO value. It also causes any previous traffic or views to disappear and appear as “negative” metrics in your monthly analytics reports.

It’s a good idea to look at the video’s analytics before clicking that big red delete button. Ensure it’s not a video your subscribers love and see whether it has been embedded on other websites.

However, video removal may benefit your YouTube channel‘s success and brand awareness efforts as a whole. Taking the step to cull your channel for videos that don’t fit the channel’s aesthetic might benefit you down the line. Sometimes, even if a video has gained some traction through SEO strategies, it may be best to have it removed.

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How To Delete A YouTube Video

Uploads to your Google account can be deleted at any time. In other words, once you remove a video, there’s no way to get it back on YouTube. You should save a copy of the video in case you decide to view it again later.

1. Sign Into YouTube

Begin by logging into your YouTube studio setup. Of course, you must have already signed in to YouTube with your Gmail account.

2. Navigate To Your Channel Contents

Choose “Content” from the list on the left. Here, you’ll find all your uploaded content, and you can quickly point out the video you want to delete.

3. Bring Out More Options

Point to the video you want to permanently remove and tap the “More” option, where you’ll find “delete.”

4. Delete 

When you tap the “delete” option, it will bring up a confirmation to ensure you want to have the video deleted. When you confirm and approve, the video will be removed.

You should be aware that deleting a video does not affect the overall watch time associated with your account. This is a crucial metric to keep an eye on, especially if you’re planning to monetize your channel in the future. But you don’t have to wait for organic growth to reach that subscriber, views, and watch time milestones.

This is where buying YouTube subscribers comes in. And we’ve written a blog post listing the 14 best sites to buy YouTube subscribers and views to help you. The post lists several platforms that have great services and packages to help boost your YouTube account.


When you delete a video, YouTube begins the process so that it is no longer viewable or searchable on your channel. However, a video’s metadata, including the number of times it was seen, will remain in aggregate reports even after it is deleted. This is all you should know about how to delete a YouTube video.

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