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How To Delete Facebook Dating

How To Delete Facebook Dating

You might wonder how to delete Facebook dating if you’re no longer using your UK dating profile. With Facebook Dating, anyone interested in dating can find singles in their area, similar to Tinder. Facebook allows users to make a unique dating profile by specifying their names, ages, and preferred pages and groups. However, It may be necessary for you at some point to delete your Facebook Dating profile. So, how to do so?

Start by visiting Facebook in your browser. Choose “Settings” from the top right side. Next, tap “general” on the bottom of the screen. After that, you will have the choice of deleting your Facebook dating account. Select “Continue” from the menu. After you confirm the deletion of your Facebook Dating profile, you will be able to delete it.

Let’s take a closer look at how to delete Facebook dating and explore this feature further.

How To Delete Facebook Dating

Before deleting Facebook dating, you should know that removing this feature won’t affect your personal profile or business page. In other words, your page or profile’s likes, comments, followers, etc., will still be intact.

Growing your brand, business, and reach through Facebook likes, comments, and followers is no easy task. Therefore, this news will be a relief for those actively building their Facebook pages and profiles.

If you’re looking to boost the credibility of your Facebook page or profile, there’s another way. You simply need to know how to buy Facebook likes and followers from reputable sites. Using these services will help you get the most from Facebook.

That said, the following are the best methods to remove a Facebook dating profile on a desktop or smartphone. 

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Deleting Facebook Dating Account on Desktop

You can delete your Facebook dating account from your desktop by following these steps:

  • First, open a browser and navigate to Facebook.com.
  • On the right side, click the “Settings” icon.
  • Next, tap “general” at the bottom.
  • You will then get an option to remove your Facebook dating account. There, press the” Continue” option.
  • If you wish to delete it, press the confirm option again,
  • The deletion of your Facebook Dating profile will take place after confirmation.

Deleting Facebook Dating Account On Android/iPhone

Deleting your Facebook dating account through Android or iPhone is also possible. Here is how. 

  • On your smartphone, launch the Facebook app. 
  • Go to the menu section. Your screen’s lower right side contains three horizontal lines that you need to press to access the menu.
  • Next, select “Dating” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Settings menu by tapping the gear icon in the right-hand corner.
  • Beneath the “Settings,” click “General.”
  • Next, you need to choose the “Delete Profile” option. 
  • Specify why you want to delete your profile and click “Next.”
  • After that, again press the “Delete Profile” option. 
  • Now, you will need to confirm the deletion of your profile.

After confirmation, your Facebook account will get deleted.


You will lose any Facebook likes, responses, matches, and messages you’ve sent if you delete your dating profile. However, you will not lose your posts on your standard Facebook profile.

This is because Facebook Dating profiles are different from standard Facebook profiles. In other words, you can completely delete the dating account without affecting your regular profile. There will be no loss of access to your Facebook photos or your Messenger messages either since they have nothing to do with Facebook Dating. 

But, since Facebook Dating works in conjunction with your Facebook account, deletion of your account will also result in the deletion of your Facebook Dating profile. I hope this article has helped you understand how to delete Facebook dating.

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