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How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024

Are you seeking out how to get more followers on Instagram?

If there is one section that is taking over the digital world by storm, then it has to be the social media platforms.

This has changed how people converse, interact and also marketing is on the next level.

There are more than 100 social media platforms but there are those which are more popular than others. Instagram is the 2nd most popular platform based on the number of users.

For you to make conversions, you should have a high number of followers and good content.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram in 2024

The following are some of the simple tips on how to get more followers on Instagram this year.

1. Invest in Good Content


In this time and age, people can tell mediocre content from far and you will not attract any new followers.

Instagram followers are always looking for content that can add value to their lives and they will never compromise on this.

You thus have to research widely and determine the nature of content that people share on a daily basis.

Check out some of the market leaders and popular brands to know the type of posts that attract the highest engagement.

Ensure that you become a guru in your niche and people will be referring others to your profile.

2. Use a Growth Tool

Social media can be addictive and just remember that you have other tasks that require your attention.

You cannot spend the entire day trying to grow your account. You have to strike a balance between the two the tasks which are social media management and tending to your customers.

There are various growth tools that can follow other users on your behalf.

There are some that will like other people’s post and increase chances of them following your profile. Just ensure that you do some basic research before you use these Instagram bots.

3. Keep Your Followers Engaged


Most people think that all they have to do is post an image with a caption and boom, they will make sales.

Your followers may seek clarifications on your posts and it is your duty to answer them. An ideal Instagram user is attracted to an account that has high levels of engagement.

Try to answer as many questions as possible as this increases your credibility.

You can direct people to your site where they will browse the F.A.Q. section if you do not have enough time to tend to some recurring questions.

4. Have a Complete Profile

Your profile should state who you are, what you do and how you intend to solve problems that your potential followers face on a daily basis.

However, you have to keep your description short because people do not have all the time to read long texts.

The choice of Instagram username will vary from one person to the other depending on what you do.

Individuals like athletes will use their real names while those in the performing arts will prefer to use their stage names.

Use the name of your business on your profile to make it easy for people to search for your posts. If you have other pages or websites, remember to put the links on the bio section.

5. Work with Influencers

Establishing yourself in this digital space takes lots of effort and collaboration from different sectors.

Good news is that there is a group of people who can make your efforts count and give you the results that you desire.

Influencers have thousands of followers and making a simple post mentioning your brand will reach a high customer base.

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You can strike a deal with them to make a sponsored post or mention your brand on their post. The mode of payment will vary depending on the type of agreement that you strike.

6. Use Relevant Hashtags


These tools are very important when it comes to making your posts relevant and easy to trace.

Instagram shows the most recent posts on a timeline. It will thus be hard for someone to view a post that you made a few hours ago.

If you use hashtags, there is a high likelihood of someone landing on your posts through hashtag filters.

It’s important that you do not buy followers for your Instagram account. They are NOT REAL.

The above tips are the easiest answers on how to get more followers on Instagram. Ensure that you have a strategy and remain updated and trendy on this digital space.


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