Many people claim they want to make money online, but when you really get down to it most won’t ever actually do it. While it’s an easy thing to say, doing it proves to be the sticking point. Here we’ll look at some of the reasons why, and show how to get serious about making a respectable online income.

1. Don’t Treat Making Money Like A Hobby

Making money online needs to be your main focus. If you treat it like a hobby you likely won’t have enough success to replace your day job with it. You have to treat it like a second job: clock in, get your work done, and then clock out when you’ve met your obligation for the day.

2. Be A Tough Boss

It’s easy to say that you want to be your own boss, but if you want to have a successful online based business, you’ll need to be the kind of boss that can get results from their employee. Most people that say they want to be their own boss are actually lousy bosses that let their employee, themselves, get away with a lot of bad habits that wouldn’t fly in an actual office. Sure, it’s fun to dream of working in your pajamas, not waking up to an alarm clock, and not having anyone over your shoulder making sure that you are doing your job. But in reality you’ll need to have the sort of self-discipline that’s akin to having a boss keeping tabs on your productivity levels.

3. Be The Best Employee

The other side of being your own boss is being an employee that is worthy of the job. If you are being the kind of employee that most employers would not want to have, you’ll likely not experience the sort of success that you’re looking for. Show up to your job on time, work unsupervised, and do more than what you are paid for. Go above and beyond and try to impress your boss, which just happens to be you. If you are a no-nonsense boss and a stellar employee you have a shot at making money online.

4. Don’t Give Up Too Soon

You need to have a positive mental attitude when it comes to making extra money online. It’s like planting a seed, for awhile it looks like nothing is happening but you still have to keep watering the seed or a plant won’t grow. Most people plant the seed, don’t see results fast enough and walk away from it, leaving it to die from lack of care.

5. Never Settle For Good Enough

You want to make money online because you want something more for yourself. After you experience a little success and some money starts coming in, don’t rest on your laurels. Always strive for more and never settle for good enough or mediocrity. The top online money makers out there are always trying to earn more, scale up their ventures, and set new goals to attain. If you aren’t growing, you’re dying, so always try to expand, push yourself to new heights, and see how far this can go.