SeoHow To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google 

How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google 

You should know how to get your blog noticed by Google to reap the benefits of online marketing. If you do your part right, Google could make you the next big trending brand. But how do you get Google to recognize your blog and eventually rank it?

There are many ways to get your blog noticed by Google, but three methods stand out the most. Firstly, you must create valuable content that appeals to Google users. Secondly, always use your images correctly and optimize the descriptive parts of the pictures. Lastly, use keywords in the right parts of the post, especially in your title, headings, and URL.

Getting your blog to rank on Google may seem like an arduous task. However, we will shed some light on how to go about it. Continue with this exciting post to learn more about getting your blog noticed by Google.

Getting Your Blog on Google

It’s one thing for Google to notice and rank your blog. It’s another thing entirely for your blog to be on the first page of the Google search results. To begin with, you must ensure that Google can index your blog. Indexing depends on various elements, including your content management system.

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You can diagnose errors in indexing using Google Search Console. And Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper is an excellent tool for helping Google understand your content better. You can also use your content management system and integrations to optimize your content before publishing.

How To Get Your Blog Noticed By Google 

These straightforward steps will help you get your blog seen by Google:

1. Create Content with Value

Gone are the days when Google only looked at the keywords in your post to rank it. Today, Google may even penalize a site that uses a keyword too many times in an attempt to rank higher. In other words, Google places a great deal of value on relevant and helpful content.

Ensure that the content on your site is not just click bait but informative and educating. Be careful and avoid plagiarism or other factors that could make Google flag your post. With engaging and informative posts, you’ll hold the reader’s attention for longer keeping them on your page and winning Google’s favor.

2. Optimize Your Content Images

Relevant images are another Google favorite. Google isn’t interested in the use of pictures alone. It’s also looking for proper descriptions, captions, and “image alt text”. 

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Using images that correspond with the text in your blog helps. Altering the “image alt text” part of every image in your post offers better recognition. This text will be detected by AI readers used by visually impaired users. And including your primary keyword in the “image alt text” boosts your overall level of search engine optimization. 

3. Proper Use of Keywords

The fact that Google pays attention to quality content doesn’t mean that your keyword doesn’t count. Select one or two keywords per blog article and ensure they’re used frequently.

Place your keywords in all the relevant places, including your title, H2 headers, H3 headers, and the blog post URL. You should use it naturally in the blog post as often as possible, but don’t overdo it. 

A general rule of thumb is that your focus keyword should account for 0,005% – 0.01% of your content. In other words, use your keyword 5 to 10 times for every 1000 words.


There are many other ways to draw Google’s attention to your blog. These include uploading blog posts regularly, adding meta descriptions, and inserting outbound and internal links. However, the above three steps are the basics when learning how to get your blog noticed by Google.

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