There is a Japanese saying “Customer is God”. The customer is rather the king. For any business organisation to survive in this cut-throat competitive market the first and foremost preference should be given to enhancing customer experience. A satisfied customer is your key to success and serves as an asset to the company. With numerous companies providing similar products/services a splendid customer experience is differentiating factor which makes your company preferred choice for your customers. It facilitates customer acquisition and retention.

Cloud telephony has evolved as a windfall to companies to provide unmatched customer experience. It helps the companies create a flexible and agile environment. It facilitates rapid response to the ever changing and modernising business needs. Providing voice services over the cloud, this system has been a game-changer and it has replaced traditional telephone system at a lightening speed.

According to Forbes, “71% of leads are lost because companies don’t respond fast enough”. Let this not be the case with your company, implement cloud telephony and you can provide paramount quality of service to your esteemed customers.

Personalised Experience Rendered

Endeavouring a personalised experience is always sought by customers. Cloud telephony helps you provide the same. As and when the customers contact you, the caller IDs hooks into your CRM database providing you with all the information relevant to that particular customer. This helps you provide a personalised touch to your conversation with the customer as you are already acquainted with the needs of the customer. Furthermore, your representatives are also saved from asking the same repetitive questions from the customers making their job less strainful and lengthy. This makes a more responsive image of yours among your customers.

Customer Engagement Ensured

You have to keep in constant touch with your customers all the time to ensure that you become a preferred choice for them for any purchase. Cloud telephony helps you keep an upper hand over your competitors by continuously engaging the customers through sales offers, contests, loyalty discount codes, product feedback over SMS, etc.

No More Unattended Customer

Cloud telephony ensures that none of the customers go unattended. If a customer calls you and by chance, none of the reps are available to attend the call, the customer’s data is stored and it is assigned to the reps afterward. This ensures the customers that their calls will be attended later even if they are missed at that particular time.

Smart Connections

Cloud telephony can be used to smartly connect to customers. If a customer has already discussed something with particular reps they can be connected to the same rep the next time they call. This helps to overcome the hassle of explaining the requirements once again to a new individual.

Toll-Free Numbers Readily Being Available For Help

It does happen that the customers want to buy a product but they are at sixes and seven about it. They are soughting for information about the product to persuade them to purchase it. This happens mostly with the luxury item. It would be relished by the customers if there is someone available to throw some light on the product. Cloud telephony will help them tackle such situation. You can use cloud telephony to direct your customers calls to an expert sitting at your end by assigning a special toll-free number for that particular product.

Converting Browsed Purchases Into Actual Ones

At many instances, it is seen that a customer browses on an item multiple time but does not makes a purchase. He/ she further adds the item to wish list but the purchase of items is still pending. A message or call can be sent to the customers through the automated outbound campaign using cloud telephony to make a purchase of that particular item. This will help the customer get a feeling of care from your side and they might be persuaded to make a purchase.

Adhering To DND Norms

The cloud telephony services always keep a check on it that the customer is not unnecessarily disturbed with unwanted messages if they have switched on the DND (Do Not Disturb) mode. This helps to value their time and earn their loyalty towards you.

Contacting The Technicians

Customers would appreciate if you could get them connected with the technicians for the installation of products procured from you. With the use of cloud telephony, a system can be designed sending an SMS to the technician available nearby your customer as your product is delivered to his/her doorsteps. They need not take the pains of searching and calling them for installation.

Cloud telephony facilitates you provides a scalable, profitable and versatile experience to your customers. It ensures that get your hands on your customers resulting in more happy customers. Happy customers boost sales and make you happier. All thanks to cloud telephony!