Being the manager of a sales team is difficult – it can be tough to get the right balance between inspiring top performance and overwhelming sales reps with unmanageable goals. Your success as a sales manager relies on your team’s capability to perform well, but it can often feel like their performance is out of your control.

While, of course, it’s true to a degree that you can’t force talent into an untalented people, there are certain steps you can make use of that set your team up so that underperformers are more likely to shine. Read on if you need to some tips to make you employees successful:

Encourage collaboration

Back in the day, companies often thought it was useful to pit one salesperson against another. It is now understood that this is not the best method of sales management for millennials, who tend to prefer secure collaboration over competition. Stress a team approach to sales management, with loads of opportunities to work in a group together, pair more experienced individuals with sales rookies, etc. It’s normally a great idea to reward the entire sales team for successful deals, rather than only single out individuals for praise.

Identify what you need

Before you study how to control a sales team, you first need to create one. Recognise which group your potential hires fall into, builders vs. growers. Builders start from scratch and start with nothing. Growers tend to start to grow once everything is in place for them. Know what stage you’re in and what type of sales person you need, and ask questions to separate the builders from the growers.

Avoid rule making

Successful salespeople usually want freedom. They need independence. Obedience doesn’t work for these people. The better you’re able to eliminate the obstacles and set them up to produce those results, the more successful they will be — and you will be. Don’t ever tell them what they can’t do, because they will simply focus their creativity on finding ways to overcome your rules.