Knowing that your online video marketing campaigns are actually achieving the results you had hoped for is an important factor when it comes to the effectiveness of it. Knowing how to measure how successful they are means being able to calculate your return on investment, known as ROI. This sounds pretty easy to do, but in fact it is not as simple as it first appears.

There are five basic ways of measuring ROI, the first being able to identify just what it you want to accomplish through your video and then see if this is indeed happening or not. The way to do this is pretty obvious as you need to know what audience you are targeting and what message you are trying to put across to them.

Once you have identified your objectives through your method of communication, you will be able to determine the returns that you are likely to get through the use of video marketing on your website. One example of calculating whether your message is achieving its goal is to see if it is saving your customers money on things that they are being shown.

You need to look for the benefits that your sales teams will be given through the use of video marketing and if any information they get about potential customers is gathered more quickly, leads to an increase in sales of a product or service. These benefits may be considered as being intangible which makes it quite hard to measure.

The main point about it is that you have to trust your enhanced form of communication, and that it will promote more efficiency from your workforce giving them valuable information well in advance than they would normally have at their disposal without the use of video marketing. Streaming video is now seen as the next generation tool that will help people to their jobs more effectively.

You will need to examine the Analytics to be sure that you are on the right video platform and this detailed data will let you determine how visitors to your website interact with your video. You can see what they are watching at the end if you have a webcast and this will show you if a potential client wants to learn about a new product or service you are offering, this means you will know whether to follow this up with a sales call or not.

There are a few analytics tools which tell you when a potential customer has actually finished watching your video and this means that you can get one of your sales team to call them with the knowledge that everything they have watched is still very fresh in their minds.

By examining customers support and tutorial videos on your website you can see how customers and employees are getting important information about products or services you are offering them on their own. This is a very cost effective way of providing what could be seen as a brochure in the form of a video, this will definitely improve communications between potential customers and your website.

One very important factor in measuring how well your video marketing strategy is working is to calculate how many hours it saves your workforce, and this is particularly true if your staff have to do repetitive tasks when dealing with customers.