Unless you have been living in the Himalayas you will know by now that I believe that mobile is the way that cloud computing and business technology is heading. It seems like a matter of weeks that terms such as BYOD (bring your own cloud) and BYOC (bring your own cloud) have become common parlance, terms that re on everyone’s lips.

If you run a small business the chances are that you have a web site that has ben designed for conventional desktop computer systems. Does this mean that you have no pay more to get your site optimised for mobile devices? In a word, no.

WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress for your web site – and more people are doing this because of the flexibility it affords – you can buy the WPtouch Pro plugin which renders the site for smartphones and tablet devices. There is a freebie version which is quite limited so the best option is to part with some cash and buy the paiud for option which will set you back $49 for a single site or up to a whisker under $200 for the multi-site developer option.

The premium version naturally offers substantially more in the way of customisation, look and feel and the developers tell me there are more than 200 different tweaking options behind the plugin and there are regular upgrades. WPtouch Pro is slick, fast and sophisticated but utterly useless unless you use WordPress. There is another answer to hand in the shape of bMobilized.


If I am honest it looks pretty boring, but don’t let’s jump to conclusions just yet! The bMobilized web site states: “The Mobile Engine optimizes your desktop site for use on all major devices and updates your site as you add new content or implement style changes. Within seconds, you’ll have a complete, dynamic mobile website. At bMobilized, simplicity doesn’t come at the expense of flexibility. With our easy-to-use Customization Suite, you can create exactly the mobile site that you want.”

The bMobilized Customization Suite is simple and interactive. As you use apply changes, your updates will instantly appear on a fully-dynamic version of your mobilized site. Customization controls include: Edit, create or replace menus and submenus, or adjust menu colour schemes and designs. Create a unique mobile logo, colour scheme, or style sheet (CSS). Choose horizontal or vertical site layouts. Customize mobile headers and footers. Simple customizations can be completed in just a few minutes.

bMobilized comes with a staggering number of plugins that enable you to customize your mobile look and feel as the showcase page demonstrates. Using plugins you can add share bars, social bars with social media linkls, customise your menu, add images, edit in raw HTML (I remember doing that 15 years ago!), add videos and QR codes and a whole stack more!

Prices start at $5 a month for which you get most of the features but nothing in the way of technical support right up to the option to let the bMobilized team create your own mobile site for $200 plus $9 a month.

Both options come with a trial suck it and see option. If you go with the bMobilized option let me know what you think of the service.