Social MediaHow To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile?

How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile?

Do you want to know how to see who is stalking your Facebook profile? Perhaps you have concerns about your Facebook privacy like other UK residents, and you want to know. It is possible to stalk someone on Facebook in different ways such as using a hack tool.

It’s always possible that the person you just met may want to learn more about you. It may lead them to scroll through your whole profile and older posts. So, how do you know about these stalkers?

You cannot track who views your profile on Facebook. Facebook has not introduced any such feature yet. So, obtaining a list of users who viewed your profile or posts over time is impossible. However, some clues might suggest that people are suspicious of the content you post on Facebook and are stalking your profile.

In fact, there are three methods you can use when determining how to see who is stalking your Facebook profile. These will help you do some detecting and give you a better idea.

How To See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile?

There is no direct option for seeing who stalks your Facebook profile. However, you can use a few indirect clues to determine whether someone is stalking your Facebook profile. These clues are listed below. 

1. Keep An Eye On Your Stories

Facebook introduced the Stories feature in 2017 in response to Snapchat and Instagram. You can upload a collage of images to your Story and make it public for others to see. 

Viewing stories is only possible for the next 24 hours. You can track the number of people who have viewed it and identify them.

If you post a public Story and see who views it, you can figure out who is stalking you. However, if your stalker is unfamiliar with how Facebook Stories works, it is unlikely they will see it. 

2. Check Out Your Post Likes & Comments

As soon as you receive a like or comment on your posts, Facebook will inform you. 

Whenever a stalker attempts to get close to you, they may look over old posts and begin liking and commenting on them. You can tell if somebody is stalking you by this systematic approach.

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3. Unknown Friend Requests

It is common for some people to receive hundreds of friend requests daily. In contrast, others only receive them after meeting new people in real life. 

Irrespective, if a friend request comes from an unknown person, that person might be a stalker looking for a way to access your private life. 

Being suspicious is essential if someone you don’t know sends you a friend request.

How To Benefit From Your Facebook Stalkers

If you’re using your Facebook profile to promote yourself, your brand, or your business, sussing out stalkers could be beneficial. If you’ve noticed certain names pop up frequently using the methods above, it may be work marketing to them.

They’re clearly interested in you, your brand, or your business, so why not capitalize on it? If they’re already following you, you could contact them with an offer or discount on your product or service. And if they don’t follow you, why not send them a request?

That said, you don’t necessarily have to go to these lengths to increase your Facebook following. It’s incredibly easy to buy quality Facebook followers, likes, comments, and so much more. Just ensure you select a credible service before you purchase followers so as not to compromise your profile.


Facebook and other social media sites make it easy to keep in touch with loved ones worldwide. Facebook gives an excellent opportunity to tell the world about your travels, dining experiences, achievements, and more. 

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But sharing comes with risks as well. Other users may keep an eye on your Facebook profile. There may be a reason for this, such as the fact that they enjoy your postings, or there may be malicious intent at play. 

However, don’t worry because this article will undoubtedly help you understand how to see who is stalking your Facebook profile.


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