I regularly get contacted by companies that say ‘We’ve done some SEO and now we’re top of Google for our ideal search phrase, why aren’t we getting any enquiries?’. This seems to be a common SEO problem and one that hopefully I can shed some light on as to what is going wrong.

Don’t Choose Keywords, You Are Not Your Ideal Customer

Unfortunately as much as you can identify the most highly searched and most relevant phrases to your products and services, potential customers will have their own motivational factors and will not behave as you expect because not everyone thinks the same way that you do. In fact you are almost certainly not your ideal customer!

The most effective way to identify the really effective search terms, rather than choosing them yourself, is to find a way to measure the effectiveness of each phrase to generate engagement and conversions. Obviously it could take a long time to SEO your website for every potentially effective phrase and even then you may find that you haven’t thought of all of the ideal search terms. So what can you do to measure the effectiveness of search terms?

Search Results From Keyword Research

There’s a new use for Google Places listings that completely re-engineers the way you can identify relevant search terms for a website. By using the local business results and detailed analytics you can quickly target a range of phrases (including random combinations and alternatives) to determine which are the most relevant for your potential audience. The bonus is that whilst you conduct this research, you actually generate sales from search during the process.