Social MediaHow To Tag Someone On Facebook?

How To Tag Someone On Facebook?

If you want to share a post or status with your UK friend, you might wonder how to tag someone on Facebook. It is common for Facebook users to tag other users to draw their attention. Friends can use tags to discuss a shared experience, announce a gathering, or encourage each other. But how to use it?

The first step is to log in to your profile. You will then need to go to the posts section. Press the “Tag Friends” icon when creating a new status or post. Click on the name of your friend without the “@” symbol. Once you have chosen the name, press “Done”.

While the process of how to tag someone on Facebook is simple, it differs from mobile to desktop apps. This article will dive deeper into the specific methods for each.

How To Tag Someone On Facebook?

Tagging Someone Through The Facebook Website

Follow the given steps to tag anyone on Facebook through the desktop. 

  • First, log in to your profile.
  • Then, go to the post section.
  • Start creating a post and press the “Tag Friends” icon.
  • Select your friend from the list by typing their name without the @ symbol.
  • You can complete writing the post by clicking “Done” after selecting their name.
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Tagging Someone Through The Facebook App

Ensure you have logged into your account first through the Facebook app.

  • Next, click on the post section. 
  • Click “Tag Friends.” If you have already begun writing the post, the blue silhouette symbol will appear instead of the “Tag Friends” button.
  • You can tag your Facebook followers by typing their names, selecting them from the list, and selecting “Done”.
  • Once you have finished writing your post, hit the “Post” button at the top right corner.

Advantages Of Facebook Tagging

A user typically tags another user on Facebook to attract their attention. Using a tag in a post is an excellent way for friends to share a common experience, draw attention to an event, or congratulate one another.

People who write about a business on Facebook and tag the business in the post immediately share information about the business with the rest of their Facebook network. 

Therefore, the tagging feature on Facebook provides free, instant, and invaluable marketing capabilities for businesses. Tagging profiles and pages when highlighting a product or milestone can help you build relationships with customers.

And it’s an effective strategy when used in conjunction with other marketing tactics, such as buying Facebook page likes and followers. Increasing your follower base in a very short time is possible if you know where to find reputable Facebook follower services. Once you do, you can couple it with your tagging strategy for an edge over the competition.


It is necessary to be friends with someone to tag them in status or posts. You can tag group members regardless of whether they are friends with you. 

Moreover, tagging someone notifying the person’s friends increases the post’s visibility. Hopefully, now you know how to tag someone on Facebook.

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