Currently, there are approximately 800 million active Instagram users and more than 25 million active business profiles. Out of these numbers:

  • 1 out of every 3 small businesses in the UK already has an Instagram profile.
  • More than half of small businesses in the UK are using Instagram as a tool as for growing their business.
  • 1 out of every 4 Instagram users identifies products on Instagram and buys them.
  • Almost half of all businesses that joined Instagram are growing businesses that’re currently actively hiring new employees.

With these facts and figures, it is argued that Instagram is swiftly becoming an effective and essential marketing tool for businesses. Since it’s release, Instagram has undergone a series of constant updates and added new features that have transformed it into an incredible way for businesses to make new customer connections. As a small business, its vital to stay up to date with all the latest trends to get the most out of this large network. With that, let’s have a look at some of the major trends that will change Instagram in 2018.

1. Instagram Stories & Instagram Live will offer real-time engagement

One of the main reasons why Instagram user base has recently grown exponentially is because of Instagram stories. Since adding the feature in 2017, Instagram users number has grown by more than 100 million with 250 million using the feature daily. This only shows that Instagram stories have an even bigger audience that businesses need to take advantage of. Being that 1 out of every 5 Instagram Stories leads to a direct message, the feature will be the start of chatting with prospective customers and building meaningful relationships. With Instagram Live’s new dual broadcast feature, businesses will begin to find the feature helpful when it comes to guest broadcasting.

2. Less focus on picture perfect & more focus on brand personality

Currently, Instagram has more than 25 million business profiles which are a major increase from last year’s 10 million. This is why Instagram has come up with updates that enable it places more importance on your actual brand profile. With these new features, businesses won’t have to sweat their ass out creating artistic picture-perfect content. All they will need to drive awareness with just a single visit is not really on the quality of your images, but how strong your profile honestly showcases what you do.

3. Shopping within the app will become easier

If you have an E-Commerce store then you have a lot to gain in 2018. Due to the large demand from users for a feature enabling quick shopping within the app, Instagram has come up with new shopping feature. This is aimed at enabling Instagram users to easily shop for products advertised by brands. Shoppable posts will be identified with an icon of a white shopping bag at the top right side of Instagram posts. Users will see the shoppable posts straight in their news feeds while scrolling. Since 75 percent of Instagram users on seeing a post take action, this feature will be of many advantages to many businesses.

4. Automation will become normal for marketers

Have you ever wondered how easy your job would be as a marketer if you could schedule your Instagram posts? Automation has been a growing trend in Facebook and Twitter and Instagram has joined in. Nowadays, rapid response to customers is vital and with the automation feature like Instagram auto dm app, your Instagram profile will become more controllable. Already, there are a number of websites providing automation services with the most effective ones being Bigbangram, Boostgram, and Gramista.