MobileHow To Turn On Comments On YouTube 

How To Turn On Comments On YouTube 

Did you somehow find commenting impossible on your video and want to know how to turn on comments on YouTube? If you’re in the UK or anywhere else, it’s possible to allow your fans to comment on your videos again. It only takes a few steps to reinstate your comments and other related actions.

To turn on comments on a YouTube video, launch the YouTube Studio App, as it’s best for such settings. Tap the menu tab and select the desired video for which you’d like to turn on comments. Click on the pencil icon that pops up and scroll down the advanced settings section till you get to comments. Tap the toggle button and save.

Most of the time, especially for a growing channel, it’s a disadvantage to stop viewers from commenting on your videos. Continue with this exciting post to learn how to turn on comments on YouTube.

What You Should Know About Managing Your Comments On YouTube

As a channel owner who has grown your subscriber base, you’ll have to manage how your viewers comment. Enabling comments is a great way to encourage engagement with and amongst subscribers. And channels that have their comments turned on tend to garner more subscribers, likes, and views over the long term.

You can even buy YouTube subs to help improve the popularity of certain videos and foster more engagement with your channel. There are plenty of reputable service providers selling top-quality user comments, likes, subscribers, and more.

When enabling comments, you should know that it isn’t easy to do on a mobile device. You can’t disable or enable comments in bulk on a mobile device, for example. You’ll need to use a desktop computer. Another feature that can’t be managed from a mobile device is automatically turning off comments for new uploads.

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There are a few choices in the YouTube Studio app if you don’t want to ban comments for a video entirely. To access the comments section, open the app’s menu and select that option. 

You’ll see options if you tap the three dots next to each comment. You can get rid of that one comment or send YouTube a report about it. You can also hide the user’s profile, so their comments will disappear forever.

So, you’ll need to use a computer if you want to properly moderate the comments. You won’t be able to turn off the comment section for your videos if your YouTube channel is intended for children.

Lastly, most of your posts probably include encouraging comments from your community members. Hence, think carefully before restricting comments. 

With this said, how do you turn on comments on YouTube for better interactions?

How To Turn On Comments On YouTube

Below is a step-by-step process for turning on comments on YouTube. It’s best to use the YouTube studio app for this process:

1. Launch The YouTube Studio App

Open the YouTube Studio app, to which you must have already logged in. Next, tap the menu in the upper left corner of your screen.

2. Select Your Desired Video

When the menu opens, pick the video for which you’d like to turn on comments. Next, you’ll see a pencil icon at the top of the screen, which you’re to tap.

3. Go to Advanced Settings

Swipe to the advanced tab for the video to see its advanced settings. Slide down the settings options till you get to comments.

4. Turn On The Comments

The comment settings will provide you with a toggle button that you can use to switch the comments on or off. In this case, tap the toggle button to switch on comments and save.


Switching off the commenting feature on a video is not advisable unless necessary. Thanks to this post, you now know how to turn on comments on YouTube.

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