Virtually any companies that providers on-site services to customers can streamline their operations and cut down on administrative expenses through effective use of field management software. It is particularly valuable for companies that schedule appointments and serve many different customers on a daily basis, like plumbing and electrical contractors. While there can be some difficulties in the initial transition and training, there are many ways that implementing field service management software and taking full advantage of its features can reduce costs.

Measure Before & After

As a professional service provider or contractor, understanding your cost per dispatch is essential to reaching profitability targets. This cost should be analysed on a regular basis to provide company leaders with current information regarding policy and process decisions. Comparing cost per dispatch before and after adopting field service management software is essential for creating a scientific framework to measure the success or failure of administrative changes.

Automate Mundane Functions

Employees are the most valuable asset at a company, which means employers should always be looking for ways to maximise on their time while at work. Advanced software solutions along with connected mobile devices in the field automate many basic data entry and transmission tasks. Switching most of the internal “paperwork” to electronic documents means less money spent on paper and much less clutter in the office.

Software management systems makes it easy to create secure backups of all crucial Company documents can be created, signed and stored electronically in an organised digital environment, allowing anyone with the appropriate level of access to use and modify information as needed. Automating repetitive data entry processes also minimises the risk of user errors when entering information into the system.

Plan & Adjust Vehicle Routes

Route planning is not a big deal for companies with a couple vehicles, but it can become a real headache as the number of technicians grows. Software solutions for field service management can keep track of all upcoming appointments and assigned technicians. This helps the user adjust routes and change assignments to reduce wasted time on the road for company vehicles. You can also use advanced software features to set up fuel efficient routes for company vehicles to cut down on fuel consumption.

Communicate Quickly & Accurately

Field management software provides a unified database for all team members to access, which ensures that everyone is on the same page. This cuts down on confusion and mis-communications between office personnel and field technicians, reducing employee time spent resolving unnecessary mistakes. It also allows office staff to notify technicians of changes in their itinerary or details about an appointment immediately, so they can plan accordingly.

You can also use the software collate and organise customer-specific information, so employees can sort information on a individual basis to view a client’s history with the company. This is particularly useful for customers who are in frequent contact with multiple staff members, as it allows them to keep a shared record with details regarding prior interactions.

Implement Software Strategically

Despite the numerous ways digital field service management tools can increase value and cut costs, they can only be effective if they are properly implemented in the workplace. Company leaders should take the time to learn how to use the system so they can introduce it to their employees and explain how its features compliment their existing responsibilities. Many business owners take a slower approach to give their employees time to adjust to the changes. Introducing and integrating one key function at a time allows users to fully understand how to use it effectively.