Ensuring that your office is as efficient as possible is essential. One way to do this is by making it wireless in as many aspects as you can so that your office can be a more reliable and faster workplace. With laptops, smartphones and tablets all now essential parts of everyday life, it’s more important than ever for your office to be able to operate completely wirelessly. Here are the key things you need to make your office wireless today and how to do it:

Placement Of Wi-Fi Access Points

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your office is working wireless is to think carefully about the location of the Wi-Fi. Use the testing equipment from MCS to help pinpoint the problem if you’re experiencing difficulties when it comes to turning your office completely wireless. It can be used to track speeds, improve accuracy and control wireless troubleshooting. Obstructions like walls and metal fixtures can really slow down the connectivity speed so it’s important to plan carefully where you’re going to place them.

Hot Desking

The benefits of well-placed access points mean that your staff can work from a variety of different locations in your office space, making for great flexibility and allowing different departments to work together with ease. Providing those employees which require one with a work mobile phone also helps as it doesn’t mean they’re tied to one desk to accept calls and Bluetooth connectivity or headsets from those who’re on the road is an added advantage.

Set Up A Server

Setting up a file server that all your employees can use independently is vital. This means that saving work is made much simpler, with a programme like SharePoint which employees can access from home to making work on group projects much easier to edit.

Wireless Printer

Not a necessary device, but having a wireless printer does make office life much easier. The printer can be based in a focal point that all employees can access without someone having to be saddled with having a noisy printer on their desk and other employees disturbing them throughout the day. A wireless printer also makes sending things to print from a mobile device much simpler.

By incorporating all these wireless devices into your office you’ll be able to instantly increase the productivity levels of staff and make your office space much more efficient, it’s also really handy for when you expand as all you need to do is add other users to the network.