When Dave Donatelli – an HP vice president – described Oracle as using ‘anti-customer behaviour,’ with regards to it dropping Itanium, it was only a matter of time before a response came back from Oracle.

In a statement Oracle said. “Oracle has an obligation to give our customers adequate advanced notice when Oracle discontinues development on any software product or hardware platform so our customers have the information they need to plan and manage their businesses.”

Oracle went on to claim that HP knew that Intel was focusing on x86 for the future – and they were purposefully withholding the information from ‘our joint Itanium customers.’

HP had already spoken about Oracle trying to push businesses towards its Sun server platform, but analyst, Charles King thinks, if this is true, customers may not be so easily shepherded.

As the knocks keep coming IBM have kept their nose to the ground, and as King has noted, they may do well from the situation. Since Oracle announced it was to drop Itanium, IBM has pushed forward with its Power server platform – but they have also kept well clear of the war of words between its competitors.

“IBM has got to look like a big, stable company. The more they look like the grown-up in this whole mess the better off they will be,” he said.

Oracle has made a clear statement – now it may be best to respectively draw a line under any further public disagreements.