HP is clearly not over the moon about Oracle’s decision to drop Itanium. A law suit has been filed accusing Oracle of breaching contracts and HP is demanding a jury trial.

It was back in March, this year, when Oracle announced the decision to end software development for HP’s Itanium chip-based servers.

Intel took over all Itanium development from 2004 (having co-developed successive iterations of the chip with HP). Oracle, on making the announcement, claimed Intel had made it clear that Itanium was coming to the end of its life – focusing now on the x86 microprocessor.

Intel rejected this claim, and the Connect HP user group appealed to Oracle not to drop Itanium from future development projects.

HP believes that the decision “violates legally binding commitments Oracle has made to HP and the more than 140,000 shared HP-Oracle customers”.

HP want the company to realise there are legal rights to be considered and the filing goes into of how Oracle dropped Itanium and makes further claims of Oracle withholding critical bug fixes.

One consulting group discovered that out of 450 enterprises IT customers, nearly 80% believed Oracle withdrawing support for Itanium was a tactical move. The natural migration due to Oracle Software not being available is to Oracle’s Solaris Unix variant.

Oracle is in direct competition with former partners (since buying Sun Microsystems) such as IBM, HP and Dell – but as Oracle has not responded to the appeal from Connect HP, we can only wait to see who will respond next.