One of the few advantages of having to eat humble pie is that it leaves you with such a dry taste in your mouth you are almost obliged to wash it down with an ice cold beer to refresh the palate. Getting to eat humble pie can get into an unpleasant habit, especially if you are like me and dip into every new service that appears on the cloud computing or social media radar. The reason this time is my ongoing and fluctuating love affair with Dropbox and SugarSync which has been recorded here as an epitaph to my fickleness!

I had been a long time Dropbox user but swapped to SugarSync because of the facility to sync files outside of the main Magic Briefcase folder – the equivalent of the My Dropbox folder in My Documents. I still maintained the freebie 2GB Dropbox service and used it primarily to store photographs including over 100 snaps taken on my recent Greek holiday which were also uploaded to Sugarsync.

On Monday I turned on my PC and my Avast anti-virus wanted to upgrade to a new version so I okayed this. After all, I had been using Avast for many years, what could go wrong? Well, quite a lot actually. After the upgrade the system just hung during the boot up process requiring me to leap into action with Acronis True Image and go back to the backup made just before I went to Greece.

That went painlessly and the system re booted perfectly. But there were two problems. The first was that SugarSync didn’t download my holiday photographs whereas Dropbox did the job perfectly. The other problem was that I had programmed to sync my Thunderbird email but somehow I had buggered up – I apologise but I cannot think of any other way of putting this – my T’bird profile so I started a new one which SugarSync would not recognise and kept popping up an error message that I could not get rid of.

Now I admit and confess that I was impatient. Maybe I could have resolved the missing pix by copying them from the Dropbox folder back into the SugarSync Magic Briefcase folder but the fact that they hadn’t synced back caused a drop in confidence. I also admit that I may have been impatient with the T’bird error message but I don’t have the time to wait for an email tennis match between me and any support.

So, Sugarsync account was cancelled and I am now back with Dropbox – at least for the time being – and I guess I am going to have to curb my impatience with the fact that I cannot link-n-sync with folders and files outside of the My Dropbox folder but whoever said patience was a virtue is an ass!

Author profile: Kevin Tea

Kevin Tea is a journalist and marketing communications professional who has worked for some of the leading blue chip companies in the UK and Europe. In the 1990s he became interested in how emerging Internet-based technologies could change the way that people worked and became an administrator on the Telework Europa Forum on CompuServe. With other colleagues he took part in a four year European Commission sponsored project to look at the way that the Internet could benefit remote communities. His blog is a resource for SMEs who want to use cloud computing and Web 2.0 technologies.