Ok I don’t have 1 million followers, I wish I did! The point is once you have a lot of followers, what do you do with them.

So what I did was I set up a experiment between 2 of my Twitter accounts over 2 months just to show how different the experience between a account that your interact with and build a community with, and a account that you just post to and don’t interact with.

I wanted to show that a twitter account with any amount of followers, 200, 100, 10,000 or even 1 million won’t mean shit to you and your blog if you don’t connect with them and build a community around your twitter account.

In This Corner…

One account was my main account @JohnAguiar that I am “personal” on everyday interacting, the other account we will call it @Test

At the time of my experiment @JohnAguiar had over 35,000 followers and @Test had over 9,000 followers.

Test Started

So here what I did os I used my @JohnAguiar account like I normally do, interacting, responding, building relationships and basically strengthening the connection with my blog and my twitter account.

Now with my @Test account all I really did was post information and some of my blog posts, but I never did any #FF, or really reply to any Dm’s or any @replies.  It wasn’t set as a auto posting account, they knew I was there posting daily.

Results Are In

What I had with my @JohnAguiar account was a constant flow of @reply conversations and DM’ conversations and a healthy amount of RT’s of my posts.

Each and everyday their was activity and conversation on my twitter account and I admit I spend more time on twitter then I think is healthy..lol

But I guess that’s a good thing,  if I wasn’t growing my community correctly then I wouldn’t have a reason to be on..right?

Now for my @Test account, there was pretty much no @replies or DM’s and a small amount of RT’s.

So even if you do have a million followers, if you are not interacting and building that twitter community then you are wasting your time.