IBM has rolled out a new software update for its Migration Factory product, which makes it easier for businesses to transfer from Sun’s infrastructure to IBM’s. IBM also said that the new software update will allow businesses to automate some manual processes that help to accelerate Sun migrations.

The product does this by utilising software code that identifies customers using Sun software, provisions the target IBM environment and streamlines the workload transition.

There are conflicting reports from sellers and customers who claim that IBM’s offering is not making as much of an impact as they claim it is. In Australia, Frontline, one of the country’s most successful resellers of Sun hardware, reports that IBM’s offering has barely been noticed. Amongst Frontline’s customers, 99% of whom are amongst Sun’s top 4,000 users, uncertainty and offers from other companies appear to have had no impact.

Frontline’s general manager Bill Frangeskakis told CRN that IBM have not stolen a single Sun account from Frontline during the Oracle acquisition.

Sun customers should not move too soon though, the opportunities that lie ahead for customers are far greater than the ability of its existing technology.