A successful business is a productive business. By improving productivity, businesses can increase output, and save time and money with the same resource. 61% of businesses expect to grow in the next quarter alone, with one in ten expecting to grow rapidly. For growth to be sustainable it is important for resources, systems and processes to be carefully balanced. When growth extends beyond what is sustainable, new processes, systems and resource must be considered. However, this may prove costly at first glance. If investing in-house is not an ideal solution, outsourcing could be.

In the Beginning

In the last 25 years outsourcing has grown significantly. According to the Grant Thornton International Business Report, 40% of businesses currently outsource part of their operation, or are planning to. As stated on Productiveentrepreneur.com, “…outsourcing is an accessible and cost-effective tool that results in businesses reporting rapid growth and productivity whilst still maintaining the all-important bottom line.” This makes outsourcing the ideal solution for start-ups, businesses already experiencing growth or for those who want to grow.

Outsourcing is a solution that gives businesses access to a whole team of specialists at a fraction of what it’d cost to employ someone new and the scalability of outsourcing provides assurance both now and in the future. It is a way of delegating tasks that do not add value to your products, services or customers, to someone who is well equipped to handle them with ease. Tasks that are costly, time consuming, or those that distract you or your workforce from their own jobs, such as IT.

Invest In IT

Every business uses some form of IT, yet many do not have a dedicated technician in place. Instead it is commonplace for business owners to attempt to maintain their infrastructure themselves, or utilise the staff from other areas within the business, which can distract from their normal duties. Added to this, over time hardware and software becomes outdated and inefficient resulting in the need for maintenance or further investment, which can be expensive. It is for these reasons that it is increasingly popular for businesses to outsource their IT.

David Bullock, TotalCare Business Development Manager at DMC Software comments saying, “Outsourcing really brings value and benefits to forward-thinking business leaders. You can truly capitalise on the strengths of each party – your own staff as well as the outsource company. As an example of how this works, by outsourcing you gain access to a team of highly skilled individuals from a variety of technical disciplines who can achieve great things when working together as a team. By outsourcing part or all of your IT you will be availing yourself of the skills of more than just one member of our technical team working on your behalf.

Compare that with trying to find technical individuals yourself who have that complete depth and broad range of skills. Then you have to factor in the ongoing cost to the business of recruiting, holidays, sickness, training and overhead of those individuals. With outsourcing that is someone else’s headache and responsibility.

As a business we don’t just provide outsourcing, we benefit from it too. For example, we could possibly make a reasonable job of doing our own web site design and SEO but we recognise our core strengths lie elsewhere, so we outsource that part of our business to those who have SEO as a core strength. This leads to a true win-win situation for us and for our partners. In summary – a business can use its own staff for what they were employed to do so they feel rewarded and truly focussed on their core business; you can utilise an IT provider to look after your IT and business needs without the onerous issues.”

Added to this, an article on SloanReview states, “…research suggests that outsourcing IT can also help to reduce other expenses such as sales and general and administrative costs, which are often four to five times IT costs. When managers think of IT outsourcing as a mere substitute for internal IT investments, this narrow focus hides many potential cost benefits.” This reduction of costs allows you to invest in other areas of your business, which can further increase the productivity and success of your business.

Outsourcing will continue to dominate as more businesses realise there are companies better equipped to deal with IT maintenance and support. As stated in ISO.com, “…financial rewards, as well as the flexibility and increased productivity promised by outsourcing, will be a hot commodity for years to come, as the skyrocketing rates of increased outsourcing affect every segment of society.”