In the modern age, where communication and information is instant, the demand for the very best communication systems is the highest since the invention of the telephone. Now that the Internet has blossomed into such an important medium, it has brought with it the opportunity for various new modes of communication such as email, social media, SMS and with tools such as Skype – voice.

With these technological advances comes the opportunity for businesses to contact their customers and clients and in turn be contactable at any time of the day, in an instant.

Now that the technology is available, the demand and the expectations from customers is at an all-time high, and businesses are now using multi-channel communications in their offices and contact centres in order to keep all of their eggs in one basket. This allows for all enquiries, complaints, orders and queries to be compiled together and be streamlined so that they can be responded to immediately without any communication slipping through the cracks.

Preventing Communication from Slipping Through the Cracks

If your e-mail, social media, telephone and Web enquiries are all coming through one direct channel, there is not much room for error and enquiries being lost in translation. This is a common occurrence in business and one that a customer should not have to deal with.

Luckily, the multi-channel communication systems can make these errors a thing of the past and lead to a slick communication system that responds to customers quickly and keeps them happy and returning to your business.

The Importance of Consistency

Customers expect consistency when they use a business’ products and services, and if they do not feel that your business can be trusted to deal with their requirements they will look elsewhere. If a customer makes an enquiry, order or issues a complaint, they expect an immediate response, even if it is just to say that the enquiry is being dealt with.

A multi-channel communication system will at least enable your business to make these instant connections when a query comes through to your business, as the browser-based agent interface provides queuing, routing and monitoring across these multiple channels. If your business has a reputation for great customer service, having this system will ensure that is stays that way. There will be no complaints about ignored correspondence when there is no way that it can be missed.

Monitoring Made Easy

With every different type of communication coming through to one channel, it makes it a great deal easier for businesses to branch out to a wider network. A number of businesses steer clear of certain social media platforms because it takes too much time and resources to keep up to date with interactions.

A multi-channel communication system allows for businesses to try these forms of communication and makes it easier for them to monitor them, because the interactions with customers on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest will be channelled right through with all the other forms of communication. It means that no matter how a customer wants to contact you, they can always reach you and be reached in return.