The Facebook Registration Tool is a great way to attract loyal followers. The tool enables websites to offer quick and easy social options for users to sign-up, which could increase the number of users on your Facebook pages by up to 300% – definitely worth trying then!

Facebook Registration Tool Can Save time

You can register at new sites easily — there is no need to re-enter your information or remember usernames and passwords.

Facebook Registration Tool allows you or your web friends to bring friends with them

When you Log into sites with Facebook you will see what’s popular with your friends and read their comments and recommendations.

Your users don’t even need a Facebook account to sign up

This eliminates the need to provide two separate login experiences.

Facebook Registration tool is a great alternative to the old Facebook Connect because it allows you to provide an option for those users who don’t have Facebook account (yes they do still exist). It also allows to design the login page any what you wish and even ask for extra information from your users. Be careful though, asking too much information can encourage people to click out of your registration process, so best keep it simple.

What’s really valuable about Facebook’s registration it how easy it is for people to sign up to bring their friends with them. It’s proven that people are more likely to follow through with the sign up process, will be active on sites longer, share more content, and return more often.

When FriendFeed beta tested the tool their sign ups by users with Facebook increased by 300%, quite a result!

How does Facebook’s Registration Work?

The registration tool is a simple to use iframe that can be added to websites with just one line of code. It can be customised to request any fields to be filled in. When a user is already logged into Facebook and visits the page where the registration form resides, the form pre fills with any existing shared information on their profile.

Users can easily see the information the site requests, giving them control over whether or not to sign up. They can decide whether to share their information or not by clicking the “Register” button, and when a Facebook account isn’t a registration requirement by the site, the user has the option to complete the form manually. Because the tool operates through an iframe, no data is shared with the website prior to registration completion and is safe and secure.

Facebook provides all the information you need on their technical documentation page, so what are you waiting for?