Instagram has become a phenomenon among smartphone owners over the past few months. It’s really no surprise because social media is an important part of our lives and we like to share everything with every chance we get. Although it’s mostly being used by smartphone owners to share their favorite photos, businesses can also benefit from using this popular free application to reach a new audience.

What is Instagram?

Instagram defines its service as “photo sharing, reinvented”. The app allows any iPhone owner to take a picture, transform it by applying filters and then share it online on multiple social networks simultaneously. The platform has approximately 2 million registered users who upload about 290,000 photos a day which makes it a great way for any business to share visual content with fans and attract new ones. So, how can you use Instagram to reach new audiences?

Capture moments from your business events

As you’ve probably noticed, Facebook updates that include images get a lot more liked than text-only updates. Facebook conducted a study on this that concluded that photo updates get 50% more liked than text posts. Also, updates that included links with a thumbnail image received 65% more liked and 50% more comments than updates without images. (This is probably the reason why Facebook decided to purchase Instagram for $1 billion).

What does this all mean to you? If you have a business event or are launching a new product or service, sharing them visually is the key. This is a great way to share subtle business messages as well. So, next time you host a business event, take some interesting photos, write some catchy captions that tell a story and share them with your fans. This way they know what to expect when they’re attending one of your events and, at the same time, they are learning more about your business and the products or services that you are selling.

Use Geo-Tags

Before you hit Publish, be sure to geo-tag your photos so that your followers know where those photos have been taken. Simply click “Enable Geotag” after you take the photo and then click “Location” to add your location.

Connect with your followers

Use photos to allow your followers to get to know you better. You can share photos from around the office, present your team and even show how your product is made. This makes your business feel more real and also makes it easier for people to engage with you.

Run a photo contest

So many business owners have already used Instagram successfully to engage with their fans and also attract new customers. Run a photo contest asking your fans to take pictures with your products and share them online. This will not only help you engage with your fans but also reach the friends and followers of those participating in the contest.