Intel has revealed it is working on technology that could charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via a ‘charging bowl’, which would remove the need to plug devices in individually. Intel said the product, currently at a reference design stage, would be based on magnetic resonance technology.

No more wires. No more jacks. No more plugs and sockets. Your gadgets go into the bowl and voila! They’re charged. The smart wireless charging bowl with stand is approximately 10-inch in diameter and is sleekly designed, simple and useful. The reference design is capable of charging multiple devices simultaneously without exact alignment or placement.

Intel said the reference design formed part of its work with the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) consortium, which is also supported by firms such as Qualcomm and Samsung. Intel is developing wireless charging technology to deliver ‘no wires’ convenience across a broad range of mobile devices – headsets, phones, tablets, ultrabooks and two-in-ones – all based on the A4WP industry specification that Intel is actively helping to develop.