The recent iPad 2 release has caused anxiety across the mobile market. From consumers who are eager to get the updated model to organizations that are unprepared and unable to cater to the new device. Whichever way you look at it, it is undeniable that the new Apple product will have a disruptive impact on the market space. Most critically, it will drive further fragmentation in the market.

The bar has been raised once again in the tablet space and now that Apple has added another set of innovative features and functionality to benefit consumers, other vendors will, and already are rushing to keep up and provide similar capabilities across their own device portfolio. After all, it is in their interest to encourage market fragmentation and continue to search for new ways to topple the iPad 2.

This is good news for consumers however, as innovation in the mobile industry will continue to flourish. iPad 2 offers top quality graphics, superior gaming and multimedia support, not to mention the lighter weight and improved case.

For organizations, the arrival of iPad 2 adds another level to an old conundrum – keeping up with the Jones’s. It will be those that can instantly adapt and update their mobile offering to be compatible with the iPad 2 channel that will win the most customers and have the most influence on the market. While the new device does provide a further opportunity to out-step the competition and maximize revenue, it also provides yet another opportunity to fall at a bump in the road.

For application developers it will be essential that their apps reach everyone and as the whiz bang functionality of iPad 2 drives the competition to do even more, they will have cater for iOS, webOS, Android and Flash/QNX at a frenetic pace.

The solution to overcome this increasing chaos, which will continue to rise as the mobile market matures, is to create a future proof mobile strategy with smart technology at its heart. Having the ability to design and develop an application once, yet run it across multiple OS’, while taking advantage of the native features of individual devices will ensure a quality, bullet-proof mobile offering that is now essential in the current market place.