As teachers up and down the land return to school, one Scottish independent Christian school has announced a move to iPad teaching.

For pupils at the Greenock-based Cedars School of Excellence the daily routine will no longer be focused on traditional books, pencils, pens, and paper. Instead education will be based around Apple’s iPad.

Speaking to the Daily Record newspaper, IT teacher Fraser Speirs said “We wanted to give each of the pupils an opportunity to use the best equipment available.”

Each of the 105 students at the school – ranging in age from five to 15 – will have their own iPad hooked up to the school’s wireless network and will use them to learn across a full spectrum of subjects. They will also do their homework on the tablet which will enable even the youngest students to access pre-approved websites for lessons.

As well as the educational benefits in the use of technology Speirs points out the practicalities of the iPad in subjects less traditionally computer-led: “We’ve found that it solves major problems for us — especially in science subjects as now they can watch experiments that would be too dangerous to do in class on YouTube.”

For a school that has eight regular blogs of its own, it is perhaps no surprise that technology is to become so key to teaching but, one has to wonder what delights the students might be missing out on. Not only the fantastic fun that sharpening an HB pencil down to nothing can bring, but the thousands of Flash-enhanced websites that the iPad still doesn’t support!