As a creative the real world and project restrictions often mean you have to hold back or at least dampen many of those wide-sweeping ideas or concepts. That can be a challenge particularly if a concept seems so perfect for the project in hand. So what about when the client says they only want a single page?

In the current economic climate, more and more customers are looking to cut their cloth. They want a presence, but don’t have the budget to back it. On the modern web is it really possible to make an impacting page that says it all and pays its way?

Looking at the collection of one page websites at One Page Love you can. Of course every project is different and you need to make sure your customer understands that you are a web designer, not a magician, but certainly a one-page website no longer needs to stand like a page torn from a business directory. It can be interactive, it can be dynamic and it can win you or your customers new business.

A landing page that lands business

If it is your only page, then you need to make sure it not only tells a story but also tells the visitor how to find out more. Making contact information visible and interactive on a one page site is essential. Ensure you invite people to contact you and engage. That can be via social media but people still also love traditional routes such as phone and email. Adding a contact form is also a good way of tracking who is visiting and why.

Link elsewhere

What many customers fail to realise is even if they don’t have a website at the moment, they probably have an online presence in the form of social media. In those cases using the single web page as a hub to link back out to their various social media profiles is a perfect start. Using widgets for feeds, you can also ensure dynamism on your one page site, that many multi-page sites lack.

Consider an infographic look

Images say so much and on the modern internet the comic-style infographic is gathering affection, so why not take advantage of that look. Certainly trying to crowd too much text on a single page will blow its usefulness, so if you can work out a way of selling more in an image than 50 words go with it. If you are in a need of a portfolio type function to show products etc the same can be achieved by links to screenshots that pop-up in a new window too. If your images are good they will sell what is on display.

I’d certainly recommend spending some time clicking around One Page Love if only to wonder at some of the fantastic creativity on the web. Certainly creating a decent website on a single page is not ideal but it is possible, and if you can win a client’s business now with a single page, they are far more likely to come back to you when they need a more expanded site, perhaps in a few month’s time.