A New Zealander friend of mine Gordie Rogers pointed me to an article called Forcing Everyone to Live with Their Heads in ‘The Cloud’ where the author seems to imply that cloud computing is not about liberating companies from traditional and expensive computing processes but a way to control people, companies, etc through their data

To quote: “Just like global warming, cloud computing is an attempt to create an entirely new market and subsequently a brand new revenue stream for multinational tech giants while allowing them to maintain complete control of their products. In the spirit of full spectrum domination ‘The Cloud’ also has many other lucrative uses in a ‘new world order’.”

I am not naive enough to believe that data ownership, privacy and security are not an issue with cloud computing adoption but what I found telling was not so much the article itself but the comments left by readers including this one: “I had hope for US a few years ago when I began interacting with infowars. Now all I can conclude is that you had better just be prepared to defend your own family. We will have to shoot at the zombies when this sh*t all comes crashing down. When they have busted down your doors and are stealing your supplies and beating your loved ones is when you will realize that none of them have been worth our effort.”

The journal is American and I suspect most of the commentators are American. Whether or not they are posting from a white militia fortress in the Appalachians I have no idea, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a global grasp of the technology.