It seems we just started getting our head around the role of social media, and there is yet another “new” term that you hear increasingly mentioned – community management. It’s not as widespread at the moment, yet it is always interesting to listen to new language evolving around roles. Social Media is evolving all the time, I think – as we consider how we can use the networks we create for business, whilst still staying true to the social idea – no more push marketing please!

As I’ve been writing some PR pieces over the last 2 days on Networking, I was drawn to think about the difference between a network and a community. I’d be interested in your views.

When I go “networking” it’s usually with my defined purpose for me personally, and my business. I come together within different groups of people – some of who may be a community, some of who may not be. For instance, when I go to networking events as a coach, if I am attending as a coach to learn coaching skills, I may feel more of a community as a peer – than if I attend with a goal of sharing knowledge or looking for business. Different types of networking may bring together people with similar aims – but without that feeling of “community” which seems to suggest a shared purpose.

What are you doing here, online? Are you interested in networking, or are you looking to join communities? What would a good community look like for you – and what would you need to both give – and receive to feel part of that community?

Maybe it’s time to set up our “village hall” and hang out a shingle for working together for a shared purpose? If you want to be in community with me, the best place is probably Facebook where I have a Fan Page I have built. It’s easier to be in community where you can all contribute.

So head on over there, and let me know your thoughts about what community you’d like to see. Or drop your comments on here. Either way – lets get talking!