You have have been reading about the spat between Google and Facebook over data access, well there may be breaking news that the distance between the two web giants could get even bigger and reaching Titanic proportions – pun intended.

It has been a bit of an open secret that Facebook has been busy working hard on Project Titan which is widely believed to be an email package that Facebook believes is a Gmail killer and it will be unveiled today – Monday – at a “special event” which means that over the weekend someone will have spilt the beans and there will be no surprise!

Let’s just suppose that Facebook has been looking closely at itself and has come to some startlingly obvious conclusions. The first is that it is probably the world’s biggest social medias web site with millions of users.

Second, those millions of users upload millions of photographs and I would take an educated guess and say that it leads the likes of Picasa and Flickr. Third, Facebook has expanded its gaming base which involves participation between friends. There is also a basic online chat facility. The only thing currently not on the agenda is email.

And there’s no reason to suppose that Facebook will create a basic interface with POP3 and sit back and think you will all fall over in an ecstatic trance. Nope, my guess is that a player at Facebook level will go for something rather special and over time add bells, whistles and whatever to slap Google with.