Maybe that title should be When Will Google Chrome Win The Browser War?

Browsing the net over the last few months I am starting to get a distinct impression that developers are creating more and more functionality for Chrome than Firefox – we can forget the proprietary offerings from Microsoft and Apple which are a sealed box. For example, Tweetdeck have created a pretty neat version that runs in Chrome but there isn’t even a whisper on the net that they will be porting this to Firefox.

I refer to two programs – Minimalist For Gmail and Minimalist for Google Calendar – which will allow you to customise the interface to both services, but they are for Chrome only. Dropbox has created a plugin that allows you to link with your stored folders from a button on the Chrome toolbar, no such facility exists for Firefox.

In January last year I wrote a piece highlighting the delays in squashing bugs in Firefox 3.6 and it is interesting that Google Analytics show that on this site Firefox just noses ahead with 33.22% of readers using the Mozilla offering but chasing up close behind with 32.63% are Chrome users. IE trails behind with 16.80%.

Is Firefox losing the battle? What are your views?