While many are focusing on the push by Google into the social media marketplace with Google+, its success in capturing browser has been somewhat overlooked.

By the turn of the year Mozilla Firefox was no longer the biggest rival to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, it was Google Chrome, and the once undisputed King of the the Browsers could be at risk itself if the Chrome charge continues.

StatCounter reports that Google Chrome is now used by more than one in four web surfers (27 per cent) with market share being taken from both Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Microsoft’s share is still at 38 per cent but this is way down on the 70 per cent share it was able to boast of back in 2008. Meanwhile, Firefox’s share was down is also under threat from the Chrome onslaught, with a share of 25.27 per cent – down by over 5 per cent of its share for the year before that.

If the current trend for Chrome continues experts predict Internet Explorer could be knocked from top spot as early as this summer. In fact in terms of exact Browser version Chrome is already the leader with Google’s Chrome 15 heading the rankings as the most popular web browser version.

Elsewhere Apple’s default offering Safari is also increasing its share but not as rapidly (up 4.70 per cent to just over 6) and Opera remains the fifth placed offering with just under 2 per cent of the market share.

Google has been promoting Chrome massively using its PR machinery and prompts for all those using its other services. Only launched at the end of 2008, Chrome has succeeded by strong integration with Google’s other web tools. It appears that part of the marketing machine could help create a new King of Browsers.