In an attempt to help us browse more efficiently (or perhaps guide our thinking), Google has launched Google Related which suggests relevant links for the page you are currently looking at.

It comes as a Chrome extension or as part of the Internet Explorer Google taskbar and pops-up related content at the bottom of the page you are looking at, using the same sort of technology we have got used to via GoogleAds.

Only this time it is everywhere you go, not just on Google, so you don’t have to be consciously searching to benefit.

For businesses though this could have a massive impact. One of the content pop-ups may be relevant reviews and if they are not good you may lose customers hand over fist.

That is because the relevant content and reviews would pop-up when a customer is browsing your own page! Imagine having nearly won a customer’s business only to be foiled by some bad reviews recommended as they view.

There is not a lot you can do other than make sure you are on top of and dealing with your rankings on review rating sites. What people say about you should be important to your marketing strategy anyway, but review sites just got more important.

What do you think? Is Google Related a step too close to computers thinking for us?