When team morale is a little bit low, the first thing to be affected is business productivity, so for any managers out there, you will probably be keen to discover ways to provide a timely morale boost. Taking your team out for a meal or a few drinks is usually appreciated but it just doesn’t drive the same level of bonding that you get with more structured team building activities.

As well as helping team members get to know each other a bit better, team building activities also provide the opportunity to see how people work in certain situations and even uncover hidden skills. There are all kinds of team building events that will help you to boost team spirit and I have rounded up a few for you whether you are looking for team building in Edinburgh, Manchester or anywhere else:

Escape Games

This has become a bit of a craze at the moment, with many companies seeing the huge benefits of taking their staff for an escape room challenge. Your people will be split into teams that are presented with fun and difficult challenges that require teamwork and strategic thinking amongst many other skills. There are a few different companies that offer escape room experiences across the UK, so there will no doubt be one fairly close to your workplace.

City Treasure Hunt

You can either find a company to create a treasure hunt for you or task someone with putting it together. You can create a set of questions that involve your teams solving clues based on buildings or items around the city to find the answers. Even better if you can provide tasks that involve them having to persuade people into giving them an obscure item.

It’s A Knockout

The popular TV show is also a big hit when it comes to team building. For an activity that really gets the adrenaline pumping and has many crying with laughter, choose It’s a Knockout. With events such as Sumo Relay and Human Table Football to choose from, everybody will have a really fun day out with their team and lots of great stories to come back into work with the following day.

Outdoor Team Activities

Sometimes getting people out of their usual routine can really have an impact. Taking your demoralised team away into the countryside could give them just the boost that they need. A bit of fresh air, nice views with a load of fun team building challenges thrown in for measure. Choose from activities such as kayaking, quad biking, mountain walking and orienteering. Or for an activity that really promotes teamwork and skill, organise a Survival style activity for your team.

Crystal Maze

You might remember the TV show Crystal Maze where one team member is selected to perform specific challenges based on their different types of skills. Well, there are a number of venues across the UK that offer the chance for your team to pit their wits against the challenges of the Crystal Maze. The set of activities involve a wide range of skills such as communication, teamwork, dexterity, memory, coordination and much more. The Crystal Maze gets great reviews from businesses across all industries and is a really great day out.

Team building doesn’t have to be expensive if you are worried about budget. Remember that any money invested will be well spent if it helps your staff to feel more engaged. If you are sensing a lack of motivation around the workplace, maybe it is time to look at some of these team building ideas to inject a bit of fun and camaraderie into your working environment.