I talk a lot on this blog about how to increase the clicks and opens that your emails receive. You’ll find numerous articles about subject lines, personalisation or integration, and these are all vital aspects of the email marketing mix. But sometimes, that X Factor can step in and have an unexpected impact – and this is just what happened last week…

What’s special about last week I hear you ask? Well, Wednesday the 1st of December saw the highest count of clicks and opens amongst my company’s clients that we’ve ever recorded in a 24 hour period!

So why is this? Well, it’d be impossible to ignore the blizzard that has befallen the UK this week – an act of God that seems to have boosted the stats that matter in a way we’ve never seen before.

Perhaps the landlocked masses stuck at home paid more attention to their emails without the distractions and pressures of an office environment? Whatever the explanation, it makes you wonder if the following could possibly be true: snow = email marketing success!


The 1st Dec also saw our third highest ever send day. The upside of being a Software-as-a-Service product hosted in the cloud is that came rain or shine (or snow), if you can boot up a PC, you can send your campaign!

And it’s a similar situation when it comes to our support teams. Although the snow has thinned the ranks somewhat, a couple still made it in. The rest were cracking through the support tickets faster than ever without phone calls as a distraction.

Snow business like email marketing business

What we have is a timely reminder that unexpected factors can have the biggest impact on your campaign. But what matters is to be agile, seize the moment and take advantage of these phenomena when they arise. So get those campaigns out there now!