When 7% of respondents to a recent survey confessed that they’d ‘interrupt an intimate moment’ to check out their Twitter feed, you might start to think that social media is better than sex. Or, it’s ‘as good as’ at least.  This survey  finding is sure to be music to ears of social media marketers the world over.

The study was conducted by Ratrevo Gadetology, a consumer electronics shopping and review website, and it asked social media users questions such as when, where, and how much time they spend on sites and services like FaceBook and Twitter.  Other key finding of  the study include:

  • Almost half of social media users (48%) will check Facebook and Twitter from their beds at night or as soon as they wake up.  For 32%  of social media users under 25 years of age the very first thing they do upon waking is check out their social network profiles.
  • Almost a third of iPhone users (28%) check out Twitter and Facebook first thing in the morning and cite social networks are their primary morning news source.
  • More than half  of all social media users (56%) check FaceBook at least once a day. Twelve per cent check in every couple of hours.
  • Forty per cent of survey respondents don”t mind being interrupted for a message.  For almost a third (32%)  check messages during mealtimes.
  • Seven per cent of social media users will check out  messages during ‘an intimate moment’.

*The data for this report came from a study of online individuals conducted by an independent panel. The sample size was just over 1,000 distributed across gender, age, income and location in the United States. 

So is social media really better than sex?  Hmmmm…I suspect it depends on the particpants involved and the level of effort.  What do you think?