Over the last decade, and particularly since the last recession, households and individuals across the globe have struggled to save. This is largely due to the relative stagnation in earnings and the continually rising cost of living, which have combined to lower the levels of disposable income nationwide.

These are not the only issues, however, as citizens may also struggle to manage and monitor their funds when they have multiple accounts or investment vehicles. From saving accounts to bonds and trading platforms, a multitude of accounts can leave you struggling to determine the precise value of your investments and the most suitable deployment of these assets.

Leveraging The Cloud To Manage Investments

Fortunately, there are numerous solutions to help you achieve your aims. The first is to apply the type of financial planning and forecasting techniques that you would use to manage business revenue, which affords you an oversight of your capital and forces you to think about how best this needs to be deployed in real-time. This will help you to determine a fixed amount of capital that can be invested into savings and trading plans, while also enabling you to make informed decisions as to how your money should split across alternative vehicles.

The next step is leverage the Cloud when organising your investments, as this taps into one of the major trends that has driven data management and utilisation during the last decade. From the use of analytical CRM systems to collate information and inform business decisions to the emergence of online trading platforms for portfolio management, the Cloud has provided a vast resource which simplifies management and centralises various data-sets that can be accessed in real-time.

This has added benefit in the world of money management, where investors often trade in multiple markets to build their wealth. In this respect, immersive Cloud platforms such as IG Investments are worth their weight in gold, as they serve as a one-stop management tool through which investors can access all of their assets from a single resource. This not only saves time and makes it easy to track multiple investments at once, but it also empowers the type of real-time decisions that can make a huge difference in volatile markets.

Bottom Line: The Cloud Is The Best Option

Whether you consider online banking or virtual trading platforms, there can be no doubt that these entities offer huge advantages in the fields of money and wealth management. The key is being able to leverage these platforms for your own advantage, both in terms of the resources that you use and how you utilise them. Once you have figured out these complexities and begun to use the Cloud to your advantage, you will quickly begin to reap the benefits both in terms of time and the deployment of your funds.

On a final note, it is also important not to underestimate the benefit that Cloud-based management platforms have on the quality and impact of your individual financial trades. This is particularly true in real-time sectors such as the foreign exchange, where sudden price shifts can undermine even the best investments. By utilising Cloud platforms to immediately access and manage your accounts, you can minimise the risk of loss while also optimising returns over time.