So it’s one month into the New Year, how many have kept their New Years resolutions? How many of those New Years resolutions have been about fitness and weight loss?

What about your blog then? Have you made any New Years resolutions about that? Perhaps you should view your blog the same way as you view yourself.

Ask yourself this question, Is my blog unfit and overweight? How can I get it right? Here are a few things to consider

Get rid of the junk

First think in a fitness routine is to get rid of junk. Junk food, sweets, fatty-foods, anything unhealthy.

Same with your blog. Get rid of all the junk. All that stuff that is not needed on your blog, and does not add any significant benefit.

Things like excessive ads, widgets, Plug-ins, Counters etc. Too many columns. Double check those extras you have in your sidebar. Well anything that’s just plain clutter. Get rid of it.

Use only quality

The next thing on your fitness plan is to eat healthy. Only foods that are low GI, have good vitamins, etc.

Same goes with your blog. Content is King. Good quality content will see your blog rise in the fitness challenge.

Don’t compromise on this. I know it will be hard to find and get good quality content. But nobody said that keeping fit is easy.

Just as physical fitness, blog fitness takes dedication and hard work.

Exercise exercise

All is in vain if you don’t exercise. You have to get that heart rate up and those muscles toned. You need to keep up with your cardio-vascular exercise.

Same goes for your blog. It takes hard work to run and maintain a good blog. Lots of time and effort.

Are you putting in that needed effort. Is it hard work for you? Do you sweat every day?

Are you promoting your blog wherever and whenever you can? Are you reading other blogs, commenting on other blogs? Are you doing proper research for your content?

If you are not putting in the extra leg work, your blog will not rise to where it should be.

So my question then. How fit is your blog?