So, BT announced that the end of ISDN in the UK is coming. By 2025 ISDN will no longer be supported by BT and by 2020 BT will stop selling the circuits full stop. So, the question remains, Is VoIP Telephony up to scratch? 

For many years Telecoms service providers have been selling VoIP and hosted phone systems to customers and businesses. The problem has never been the VoIP technology itself but more the network infrastructure. After all a VoIP phone system is just a standard phone system but housed in a data centre and virtualised.

10 years ago there were only a handful of suppliers to work with. Now, and probably helped by the BT announcement, there are a plethora of suppliers to choose from.

Improvements In Data Infrastructure

With the upgrade of the majority of the BT network to Fibre to the Cabinet over the last few years, it does mean that the issues surrounding the upload flow of data no longer seems to exist for a lot of companies and individuals looking to use VoIP.

Virgin have also stepped on with the upgrade of their network to ultra fast fibre connectivity. Big data connections have never been cheaper and more reliable. This means that providers can start to build guaranteed service levels into the product offerings.

The recent success of Gamma Horizon shows how the potential is now changing. Not only does this service offer great value for money but they will also guarantee it works! The issue of being ‘underwater’ when on this type of call has always been the worry of many business owners.

The above SLA means this is more in the past than ever before. Business owners no longer need worry about whether or not they could actually talk to customers over the landline. You now have it guaranteed.

A More Converged Solution Can Now Be Used

A converged phone system has always been the demand of most business owners and it has been very hard in past years to provide a fully converged solution without both the network capacity and the seamless connections between devices.

Now with SIP being the main mode of communication between devices, it provides an opportunity to build scalable converged solutions but also provide them to the main SME community. Everything speaks the same language! With SIP clients now readily available (see this list), it becomes easier to have a ‘one phone number’ solution. Making communication easier and therefore doing business easier.

The future is coming and it’s all about VoIP.