iSentry Group Ltd announced that it has appointed veteran IT professional Steve Harris to the position of CTO for iSentry Research Ltd, the Group’s development and operational management arm. iSentry is a leading provider of intelligent products for secure messaging, document delivery, digital signing and solutions for heavily regulated sectors, including finance, legal, health and social care.

Harris has been with iSentry for more than 4 years, serving as a key member of the Group’s product development team. In that time he has been responsible for enhancing the core architecture of DCX which in turn has led to the successful increase in client organisations who now number over 100. As CTO, Harris will assume the product release planning and project management duties that were previously carried out by Gareth Evans, group managing director.

Commenting on the appointment, Paul Smith, group CEO, said “This appointment is an important step in our development and will allow Gareth to spend more time with our clients and users, which in turn will help ensure that the next generation of our Digital Content Exchange (DCX) products remains as competitive and market leading as they are today.”

He added that Harris will be heavily involved with ensuring the success of iSentry’s DCX interface utilized across multiple industries. He pointed to Wolters Kluwer Financial Services as an example. The company licenses DCX on an exclusive basis in the U.S, where it is marketed it as the SDX Secure Document Exchange.

Since Wolters Kluwer Financial Services introduced SDX to the U.S. marketplace in 2005, it has been well-received by mortgage lenders that use it to speed up and improve the lending experience for borrowers by providing them with the ability to e-sign documents.