When it comes to IT skills concerning the development of apps and software for mobile devices there are just two camps – Team Android and Team iOS. There are also those IT developers who will work for whoever as long as they have the opportunity to show off their skills by working on multiple app projects as opposed to just supporting a couple over a long time period with an enterprise business.

Regardless of which camp you prefer, or your complete indifference, the fact cannot be ignored that those IT professionals who possess development skills are hot commodities. They are also lucky in that their skill set affords them the luxury of crossing over from the Apple proprietary operating system to the open source environment offered by Google, and vice versa. Make no mistake, this particular pool of IT talent may be small but it is certainly mighty and anybody not of Luddite ancestry should be able to see that both the compensation and competition for Android and iOS developers is continuing to increase.

This trend shows no sign of abating either, quite the opposite in fact. Even with growth within the pool of associated talent this rolling stone is gathering speed all the time. So what trends are fuelling the need for speed as far as development is concerned?

Addiction To Social Media

Even the most reticent of us share everything that’s possible to share once we hit those social media platforms. Whether it’s our life, our views on the weather, our business or our families we cannot stop posting. A year ago it was images of others now we are posting selfies like there’s no tomorrow. We can live out our lives in real time and be who we want to be on social media and the masses are constantly clamouring for new social apps, tools to connect and ever more reasons to live an exciting virtual life as opposed to a mundane real one.


There will be many reading this who don’t think of themselves as gamers yet will leave here and head over to Facebook to crush some candy or bust some monsters. You may not want to admit it but the majority of us have a soupçon of competitiveness and feel elated when we pass somebody or gain a new badge. Gaming will never go out of fashion and those who can develop these games quickly will become increasingly in demand.

The Big Data Revolution

While you are mindlessly whiling away the time it takes for your morning commute collecting fruit or harvesting crops companies are just as eagerly collecting as much information about us as possible via data. Okay, you can argue that there is that element of big brother but there’s really little difference between this and those cookies which have been around for eons. So you get ads telling you when something is for sale at a bargain price, you often didn’t even realise you needed them until you saw the ad so it’s all good; right?

In short, the need for Android and iOS developers is not going to slow down. Those looking to hire may find they are best off hiring a junior developer and letting them hone their skills within your company in order to stick to your salary budget. If you are the one who possesses these highly prized skills then it is not unrealistic to surmise that in a year or two you will have a virtual licence to print money.