Small IT departments of mid-market and SME organisations could be unknowingly jeopardising the business through a lack of understanding and insight.

In part, the problem is one of culture. More often than not IT Directors in mid-market and SME businesses are long term employees who have progressed to senior status through longevity and loyalty. It is highly unlikely that the organisation has provided the support for this individual to have the resources, time or expertise to assess business risk or undertake strategic planning and long term IT budgeting.

In this fast changing technology environment in-house skills rapidly become out-of-date without continual investment in new technology. Consequently, businesses probably end up with an individual who may not have the strategic skills nor the breadth of talents needed to manage today’s complex network and application infrastructure.

Organisations should be considering best practice above all other factors. A simple, but frank and honest IT infrastructure audit from a competent professional can provide immediate insight into the single points of failure of the IT infrastructure.

It is only by taking a step back, assessing and understanding the current levels of risk associated with existing IT deployments, that an organisation can truly determine its ongoing IT requirements and then put in place the technology, skills and resources to reduce operational risk and transform IT from a cost centre to business enabler.