Earlier in the week I was pondering the potential for QR scans, sensing there was phenomenal potential there but I was scratching my head trying to work out what that potential was. Out of the blue I heard about JumpScan which encodes your personal details into an electronic business card. JumpScan describes itself as:

“JumpScan combines all your contact and social media information for quick, on-the-go, mobile sharing. No more typing, texting, searching, entering and memorizing names and numbers. Just generate your own JumpScan QR Code, and anyone with a smart phone can take a picture of the image, which automatically links to your personal JumpScan page. Think of JumpScan as a physical link to your virtual world. Point. Click. Connect. It’s that easy!”

Of course you don’t need JumpScan to do this, there are online services that you can use but this service does format your details into a usable format and enable people to log into your profile page and download a vCard etc. If you use the QR code top left you can access my JumpScan page

It’s still in beta but it’s perfectly usable and is simple to set up and fun to use as the video here outlines.

If you have a LinkedIn profile you may want to take a look at PingTags which does pretty much the same thing at JumpScan but takes you to your LinkedIn profile.