Search engines are the greatest and the most reliable source of traffic for many business websites. One of the most SEO friendly CMS (Content Management System), WordPress, fuels millions of websites in the online market. WordPress SEO plugins take care of many aspects of a site’s search engine optimisation and help the site to rank higher in the search results. 

With tons of WordPress SEO plugins available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the one that will the work the best for your website. To help you out, here are some factors to consider when looking for WordPress SEO plugins.

Precise & Efficient Code

A high-quality SEO plug-in must come with a clean and precise code that does not have any sort of unnecessary JavaScript or CSS entities, which will become an unwanted load on the website. When choosing a plug-in that you think is compatible, make certain that it is fast and efficient, and will boost your site’s speed instead of slowing it down. If you are confused with plugins and do not know how to setup your website structure, contact an SEO professional for a better understanding of the codes. Clean code is the centre of a well functioning WordPress plug-in.

Handles Multiple SEO Tasks

While selecting the best SEO plug-in for your website, make sure that it has more than one SEO attributes, so that you will not need any additional SEO plugins on your site. For this, you have to first conduct a thorough research on your site and learn about the sections that will improve with the help of your SEO plug-in. The best WordPress SEO plugins boast of multiple features that make it a complete plug-in in terms of efficiency and task management.

Substantial Documentation

Plug-in documentation is a vital element to consider since it allows the developers to comprehend how each and every feature of the plug-in functions. The documentation can be devised in many forms such as articles with high-resolution images or video guides on how to run, configure, and upgrade the plug-in. Generally, a top-rated SEO plug-in is built with an admin dashboard, where the configuration is carried out. An impeccable SEO plug-in should have specific and clear instructions on how every configuration and setting needs to be performed. Look for WordPress SEO plugins that have a tool or tip guide to learn about the features and functions of the plug-in. 

Excellent Reviews & Ratings

Every SEO WordPress plug-in is rated and reviewed by the users based on its performance on the website and the amount of traffic it generates. This should really help you in finding the authority of a plug-in. For free WordPress SEO plugins, go through the reviews column and find out if the plug-in is able to deliver what it promises. Also, check which plug-in will support the design of your website and add more brand value to it.


Selecting the perfect SEO plug-in is one of the factors that decide the success of your website. There are many WordPress plugins that come with an eclectic range of SEO features, but you should be more focused on the plug-in that offers all the required features for on-page SEO.